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A Child's Christmas in Wales, Gamm Theatre, November 2010 Dade Veron is a Rochester, NY-based freelance theatrical technical director and IT guru. While these may appear unrelated, Dade enjoys the hands-on problem solving, pre-production tinkering, detail-oriented, critical thinking, and adjusting-on-the-fly nature of both professional fields. With more than 20 years of carpentry experience and over 15 years of repairing computers, wiring networks, IT administration, system maintenance, and on-call tech support, he is adept in a wide assortment of tasks and endeavors. Dade prides himself in cutting through nonsense and bureaucracy to accomplish the project at hand while also putting in the time to do the job right the first time around.

Behind the scenes, Dade most recently completed two years of graduate study in the Department of Technical Design & Production at Yale School of Drama. In addition to course work in everything from rigging to hydraulics and pneumatics to structural design, he performed a variety of assignments, including master electrician and technical director for project shows and production supervisor for the Spring 2012 season at Yale Cabaret. Previously, he was the technical director of The Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket, RI, where he worked on almost two dozen shows over four years for one of Rhode Island's two professional year-round theatre companies. Before living in Rhode Island, he enjoyed taking technical theatre classes, hanging lights, and building scenery for every production during high school, easily transitioning to his work as a technical assistant for Brown's Department of Theatre, Speech, and Dance.

Simultaneously, like many kids of the '90s, Dade became a self-taught computer person, with a savvy for troubleshooting hardware and networks. He followed and assimilated a growing field of IT knowledge, rapidly becoming a proficient go-to technical resource. He has continuously maintained a small freelance operation, working both on retainer and on an individual case-by-case basis, in addition to lending his IT expertise to most of his theatre jobs. Dade specializes in on-site installs, remote tech support, system maintenance and repair, needs assessment, consulting clients about products, vendors, and pricing, and simply figuring out how to make networks, systems, and processes work most efficiently for a client's individual needs. His background is primarily Windows-based, but he has also maintained web, email, SSH, and file servers in FreeBSD and other Unix-variant environments.

A New Orleans native, Dade is an alumnus of Arden Cahill Academy and Isidore Newman School. He has an AB in American Civilization, with a focus on material culture, from Brown University. Dade and his wife, Erin, a med-peds resident at the University of Rochester Medical Center, enjoy several outdoor activities, including camping, cycling, hiking, and showshoeing.
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